Dress-Up Day by Blanca Gómez

Published by Harry N. Abrams

Summary:  The narrator is excited to wear her homemade rabbit costume for dress-up day at school.  But when the big day arrives, she’s home sick in bed.  She’s feeling better the next day, so her mom suggests she wear her costume.  She’s excited to get to school but feels self-conscious when she sees the other kids in their regular clothes.  Turns out that Hugo was out sick the day before, too, and a few minutes later, he shows up at school in his costume…a carrot!  “Be sad no more, little rabbit–your carrot is here!”  Before long, everyone is hopping around the playground, and Hugo is her new best friend.  The next day, the other kids come to school in costume, ready to play more imaginary games.  40 pages; ages 3-6

Pros:  Well, right off the bat, I love Hugo.  Any kid who dresses up like a carrot, then says the line above is someone I’d like to hang out with.  Overall, this is a cute story that will resonate with preschoolers and show them that it’s okay to do their own thing.

Cons:  Getting sick on dress-up day.

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