Mushroom Rain by Laura Zimmerman, illustrated by Jamie Green

Published by Sleeping Bear Press

Summary:  Mushrooms can suddenly pop up anywhere, especially after a rain.  With a wide variety of colors and scents, the mushrooms are often used as food, including by humans.  The mushrooms may seem to disappear, but they continue to grow underground, the largest stretching for miles after growing for thousands of years.  Mushrooms reproduce by spores, which can even seed clouds and produce the rain that encourages the growth of new mushrooms.  Includes four pages of information about mushrooms, including a craft and additional resources.  32 pages; grades K-3.

Pros:  A fascinating look at something many of us may take for granted, with gorgeous close-up illustrations of a wide variety of mushrooms.

Cons:  Is it just me, or are mushrooms just a little bit creepy?

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