I’m Not Small by Nina Crews

Published by Greenwillow Books

Summary:  Asa feels big when he’s allowed to go outside by himself.  He’s also big when he compares himself to his dog, his cat, his rabbit, the birds, a bee, and especially an ant.  He could crush the ant with his foot but decides he’d rather watch it carry a big crumb instead.  Asa loves being big, but when his mom comes out to tell him breakfast is ready, he is happy to go back to being small and let her carry him inside.  32 pages; ages 3-6. 

Pros:  Preschoolers will relate to Asa’s observations about size and the natural world.  The illustrations, described as “digitally drawn and collaged…incorporating photographs and textures created by the artist,” are unique and beautiful.

Cons:  A scary bee.

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