I’m Not Missing by Kashelle Gourley, illustrated by Skylar Hogan

Published by little bee books

Summary:  A dog explains why he left home to become a “lone wolf”.  Trying to be a good boy all the time, getting dressed up in silly costumes, pooping in public with everyone watching…he’s definitely better off on his own.  But then he sees his owner out walking a new dog. They’re playing, sharing treats, and taking selfies.  It turns out she’s only dog sitting, but the jealousy serves a purpose.  Pretty soon he’s back on the couch, dressed in a pullover sweater, and enjoying some scratches behind the ears.  After all, “relationships are all about compromise.”  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  I could definitely relate to the dog’s struggles between needing people and wanting to be a lone wolf, and I’m guessing others–both kids and adults–will as well.  There’s plenty of sly humor, and a reassuring message about taking a break but returning to those you love.

Cons:  Some of the humor may be a little over the heads of the intended audience.

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