Honeybee Rescue: A Backyard Drama by Loree Griffin Burns, photographs by Ellen Harasimowicz

Published by Charlesbridge

Summary:  Mr. Connery keeps bees in hive boxes in his yard.  One day he discovers that some of the honeybees have swarmed and built a hive in a dilapidated garage where they may not survive the winter.  He calls Mr. Nelson, a beekeeper who specializes in relocating honeybee hives.  The text and photographs show the many careful steps needed to move the hives into a box.  For the next several days, Mr. Connery slowly transitions the box from its garage location to his yard where the bees can join the other hives he keeps there.  Everyone celebrates with a little taste of honey.  Includes an interview with Jon Nelson, a glossary, an author’s note, and lists of sources and books for further reading.  40 pages; grades 1-5.

Pros:  An outstanding nonfiction book for elementary kids, with a large font, plenty of photos, and clear descriptions of what is going on.

Cons:  Anyone with apiphobia may get a little freaked out.

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