Like by Annie Barrows, illustrated by Leo Espinosa

Published by Chronicle Books

Summary:  We’re humans.  We’re different from most other things like tin cans, swimming pools, and excavators.  We’re a bit more like mushrooms, and even more like hyenas, but there are still plenty of differences.  For instance, hyenas don’t remember their birthdays, can’t plan a get-together, and might try to eat your baby brother if they come to your house.  Humans, on the other hand, remember their birthdays, wear clothing (usually), and get embarrassed (as well as feeling other emotions).  We may look different, but there is a lot more that is the same about us.  44 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  This quirky and thought-provoking book could serve as a good starting place to compare and contrast humans with all sorts of things…or with each other.  I love the illustrations by Leo Espinosa, who is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Cons:  It takes a few pages to figure out where this book is going.

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