Polar Bear by Candace Fleming, illustrated by Eric Rohmann

Published by Neal Porter Books

Summary:  The award-winning team behind Giant Squid, Honeybee, and Strongheart has created a new book that explores the world of a mother polar bear and her two cubs.  Emerging from five months in the den, during which time she gave birth and nursed her offspring, the mother bear emerges emaciated and hungry.  She heads for the ice where she knows she can hunt seals.  The narrative follows the bears through the year, showing how climate change affects their ability to hunt and perilously strands them on some floating ice.  They survive the dangers, and the final pages show them back on the ice in the 24-hour darkness of an Arctic winter.  Includes a two-page labeled diagram of a polar bear, additional facts about polar bears and the effects of warming in the Arctic, and a list of resources.  32 pages; grades K-5.

Pros:  Another breathtaking science book with poetic informative text and detailed realistic paintings of the polar bears and their environment.  With a Sibert Medal and Honor on their resumé, this team can expect awards consideration again for this book.

Cons:  As always, I found it stressful to read about the effects of climate change.

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