Elephants Remember: A True Story by Jennifer O’Connell

Published by Tilbury House Publishers

Summary:  When Lawrence Anthony gets a call saying that a herd of elephants will be shot if he can’t rescue them, he quickly sets up his wildlife reserve to accommodate them.  The animals have been traumatized after having members of their herd killed by poachers, including the matriarch and her baby.  Lawrence names the new matriarch Nana, and after the elephants trample the reserve’s electric fence and escape the first night, he sets out to earn Nana’s trust.  Slowly, she begins to let down her guard and allow Lawrence to come closer to her.  Over the years, Lawrence distances himself from the growing herd to help them remain wild, but he always keeps a connection with Nana.  When Lawrence dies of a heart attack, Nana leads the herd to his house and does so again on the same day for the next two years.  Includes an author’s note and three pages of additional information about elephants and Lawrence Anthony.  48 pages; grades 1-5.

Pros:  An incredibly moving story of a man dedicated to helping African wildlife and the amazing connection he made with elephants.  

Cons:  Some photos would have been a nice addition.

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