We Are Here by Tami Charles, illustrated by Bryan Collier

Published by Orchard Books

Summary:  The team behind All Because You Matter has created a new book celebrating Black contributions around the world to music, food, fashion, and science.  Written for a daughter that she never met (as explained in the author’s note), the free verse poem and illustrations feature a girl as she learns about the ways Black people have shaped the world throughout human history.  There are references to the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests in both the text and the illustrations, which concludes, “You are brilliant, extraordinary, far-beyond-ordinary, the very best of who we are.” Includes additional information about some of the people and concepts referenced in the text, as well as notes from the author and illustrator.  40 pages; grades 1-5.

Pros:  An empowering picture book filled with beautiful words and pictures that may inspire readers to delve deeper into the history of Black people all over the world.  

Cons:  The writing is pretty abstract, so, while this is recommended as a picture book for preschool and primary grades, I think older kids would get more from it.

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