Very Good Hats by Emma Straub, illustrated by Blanca Gómez

Published by Rocky Pond Books

Summary:  You may think you know what a hat is, but you are probably limiting yourself.  Acorn caps (as well as raspberries, chewed-up gum, tortellini, and doll shoes) work well if you’re a finger, and a pudding cap will do just fine if you’re a stuffed bear.  Humans can wear their pets as hats, or books (if they have good posture) or bubbles in the bathtub.  Some jobs come with a hat, like cowboy, chef, and pirate.  Hats are everywhere!  Because anything can be a hat if you believe it is.  32 pages; ages 3-6.

Pros:  A book filled with quirky fun, both the text and the illustrations, and one that is sure to inspire creativity in making hats and thinking of what non-human objects could use for hats.  Also, you will get to say the word “haberdashery.”

Cons:  I try so hard to discourage kids from putting their library books on their heads, and then this book comes along.

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