We Go Way Back: A Book About Life on Earth and How It All Began by Idan Ben-Barak, illustrated by Philip Bunting

Published by Roaring Brook Press

Summary:  Idan Ben-Barak and Philip Bunting have created a picture book about life on Earth and how it started.  Going back to a time when “there was a lot going on” on Earth (erupting volcanoes, raining meteors, lightning strikes), they explain how elements in Earth’s seas joined together to form molecules.  The molecules turned into bubbles until one day, a “special bubble” formed that could make copies of itself, each one just a little bit different.  From this process, all sorts of life forms began to evolve.  The final page is a three-part vertical gatefold that opens up to show the many branches on the tree of life.  40 pages; grades 1-4.

Pros:  This deceptively simple book takes on some enormously complex scientific concepts and manages to clearly explain them with the help of some pretty adorable illustrations.

Cons:  I would like to sit down and have a serious conversation with the editor who decided there was no need for back matter in this book.

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