Moon’s Ramadan by Natasha Khan Kazi

Published by Versify

Summary:  Moon travels around the world during the month of Ramadan, as the part of her visible to Earth changes from the tiny crescent that signifies the beginning of the month to a full circle, and back to the sliver that heralds the end of the month and the Eid celebration.  She watches Muslims in countries around the world fasting, worshiping, and practicing kindness and charity.  As night falls on the Eid celebration, “a billion faces smile up at Moon.  Moon sees a world of love and kindness, and she glows with gratitude.”  Includes a brief author’s note with additional information about Ramadan, information about the lunar cycle with pictures of the phases of the moon, and a Ramadan glossary.  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  This is a much-needed introduction to Ramadan with beautiful illustrations that show Muslims from all around the world.  I love that it’s told from the perspective of the moon and includes some scientific information…check out the phases of the moon on the endpapers.

Cons:  The labels identifying the different countries were in a smallish font that didn’t show up well; it took me a few pages to notice them.

One thought on “Moon’s Ramadan by Natasha Khan Kazi

  1. I wish this book had come out when I was teaching! I had a lot of students who celebrated Ramadan. I love that the moon observes Muslims all around the world


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