Homeland: My Father Dreams of Palestine by Hannah Moushabeck, illustrated by Reem Madooh

Published by Chronicle Books

Summary:  A girl and her two siblings love their father’s bedtime stories, especially those about their homeland, a place the kids have never seen.  Their father tells about visiting his grandparents in the Old City of Jerusalem, with the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of a bustling city with a rich history.  The story ends with his grandfather releasing hundreds of homing pigeons.  “Won’t they fly away?” asks the boy, to which the grandfather replies, “This is their home.”  It’s the last time their father sees his grandfather, and he shows his kids the rusty key to the family’s home.  The children fall asleep and dream of their homeland.  Includes a glossary of Arabic words and an author’s note (with photos) about the history of Palestine, which is her own homeland.  40 pages; grades K-3.

Pros:  The story and folk art-style illustrations bring to life the family’s homeland in Palestine and beautifully convey the sadness and longing they have to return there.

Cons:  Readers unfamiliar with the history of this region will need some additional information to understand what’s going on.

One thought on “Homeland: My Father Dreams of Palestine by Hannah Moushabeck, illustrated by Reem Madooh

  1. This is the first picture book written about Palestine in 30 years. The author was on a panel at the MSLA conference last month.


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