How to Write a Poem by Kwame Alexander and Deanna Nikaido, illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Published by Quill Tree Books

Summary:  As they did with How to Write a Book, Melissa Sweet and Kwame Alexander (this time with Deanna Nikaido) dive into the world of poetry.  “Begin with a question/like an acorn waiting for spring,” then close your eyes, use your imagination, listen, explore what you are feeling, find a word or two.  “Now, show us what you’ve found.”  The text begins with a quote from Nikki Giovanni, “We are all either wheels or connectors.  Whichever we are, we must find truth and balance, which is a bicycle.”  The illustrations build on this, with circles, spheres, and bicycles throughout.  32 pages; grades K-5.

Pros:  A gorgeous introduction to poetry with spare but evocative language and riotously fun collage illustrations that spark the imagination.

Cons:  Like How to Write a Book, this strikes me as a book that will appeal more to adults than children.

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