Harmony & Echo: The Mermaid Ballet by Brigette Barrager

Published by Random House Studio

Summary:  Harmony and Echo are mermaid best friends who love collecting sea glass, reading fairy tales, and daydreaming.  But while Harmony is a carefree young mermaid who loves to have fun, Echo is more anxious, often worrying about details of her life.  The upcoming ballet performance has her stressed, so Harmony comes up with a solution: if Echo is feeling nervous during the show, she should reach over and squeeze Harmony’s hand.  On the big night, Echo begins to worry, but once she starts dancing, she’s fine.  The two mermaids hold hands for their final bows and agree to use the hand squeeze in the future as their secret way to calm Echo’s fears.  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  There can never be enough mermaid books, and the cover alone will have it flying off the library shelves.  Brigette Barrager is the Uni the Unicorn illustrator and works her magic with the underwater scenes and mer-world.

Cons:  Echo might want to seek out a mer-therapist to complement the hand-squeezing technique.

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