Hoot Owl: Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor

Published by Candlewick

Summary:  Hungry Hoot Owl is flying through the night, looking for something to eat.  Fortunately, he considers himself a master of disguise, so when he sees a rabbit, he disguises himself as a carrot.  No luck.  A pigeon?  Hoot Owl transforms himself into an ornamental birdbath.  Alas, one disguise after another fails, until finally Hoot Owl dresses up as a waiter and is able to snag a pepperoni pizza.

Pros:  Kids will enjoy Hoot Owl’s high opinion of himself, as well as his dramatic narration of his actions.  The big bold illustrations will be easy for everyone to see.  And Hoot Owl is a master of similes.  Ask the kids how many they can find in this book.

Cons:  It wasn’t clear why Hoot Owl’s disguises failed.  I thought his carrot was pretty good.

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