The New Small Person by Lauren Child

Published by Candlewick

Summary:  Elmore Green’s life as an only child is pretty idyllic.  He’s got a great room, his own TV on which he can watch whatever he wants, AND he gets to eat all the jelly beans.  But one day, everything changes.  A new baby moves in.  It cries when Elmore wants to watch TV.  It comes into Elmore’s room and knocks things over.  And worst of all, Elmore suspects people might like it as much as or maybe even more than they like him.  One terrible day, its bed is moved into Elmore’s room.  Elmore can’t get away from it.  But one night, Elmore has a bad dream, and, lo and behold, the new small person comforts him.  After that, Elmore begins to notice some other not-so-bad things about his new brother.  Finally, he is even willing to share his jelly beans with Albert (except the orange ones).

Pros:  It’s an old tale, but this book tells it with humor and a pretty good dose of reality.  I love how the small person goes from being “it” through most of the book to “him” after he comforts Elmore at night, to finally, “his brother Albert”.  This would make a great sibling gift to a kid whose home has recently been invaded by a new small person.

Cons:  If only sibling relationships were this simple…

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