Cat and Bunny by Mary Lundquist

Published by Balzer and Bray

Summary:  Cat and Bunny have been friends since birth.  They love playing together, especially their Made-Up Game, which has rules only the two of them know.  But one day other kids want to join in, and Bunny lets them.  Cat is hurt, and goes off by herself.  A kitten comes along, and the two of them start a new Made-Up Game.  When Giraffe finds them and asks to join, Cat says, “Of course!” and before long all the kids, even Bunny, are enjoying the new game.

Pros:  This is a great introduction to friendship that is simple enough for preschoolers to understand.

Cons:  All the characters look like kids dressed up as animals except for the kitten which is…well, a kitten.  What’s up with that?

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