A New Friend (The Adventures of Sophie Mouse, Book 1) by Poppy Green

Published by Little Simon

Summary:  Spring has arrived, and Sophie’s mouse family is ready to leave the house.  She and her little brother Winston are starting school, along with Sophie’s best friend Hattie the frog.  On the first day, the students are startled to learn that their newest classmate is a snake.  Owen seems nice enough, but none of the others have met a snake before.  They’re so unfriendly to him that he decides not to come back to school.  A few days later, Sophie and Hattie are playing in the woods when Sophie falls down a hole. Owen is nearby and his long tail proves just the thing for rescuing Sophie.  Their new friendship is enough to get Owen to give school another try.

Pros:  This is a charmingly illustrated series perfect for beginning chapter book readers.  I felt as though I had landed in a 117-page Marjolein Bastin greeting card.

Cons:  I worry about Owen functioning in a classroom full of bipeds.  Even a simple act like taking off his baseball cap seemed like it would be a challenge.

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