Two for Joy by Gigi Amateau, illustrated by Abigail Marble

Published by Candlewick

Summary: When Jenna’s great aunt Tannie falls and breaks her ankle, Jenna’s mother decides it’s time for Tannie to come live with them in Virginia. It’s not easy to convince Tannie, who’s always loved living on her farm in Mississippi, and who used to ride a motorcycle and play soccer. But Mom ultimately prevails, and Tannie comes home with them. Jenna struggles with the new Tannie, who uses a walker and needs help taking a shower. Plus, Mom is busier than ever, leaving little time for Jenna. Fortunately, Tannie herself sees the changes her presence has created and is able to come up with a solution to make their family stronger than ever. Ages 7-10.

Pros: The characters are upbeat and resilient, but realistically drawn as well. This book could initiate a discussion about families and how they can work together through changes.

Cons: At 96 pages, there’s not enough room to explore all the issues this story raises.

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