Mad Scientist Academy: The Dinosaur Disaster by Matthew McElligott

Published by Crown Books for Young Readers 

Summary: It’s the first day of the Mad Scientist Academy for Ken the Frankenstein Monster, Thora the Insect, Tad the Tadpole, Scarlet the Vampire, Wolfgang the Werewolf, and Nicole the Robot. Their teacher Dr. Cosmic greets them with the news that their school pet is a dinosaur, then leads them on a Jurassic Park-style tour of the school’s dinosaur exhibit. The dinosaur models are all quite lifelike, but harmless unless someone activates them, which, of course, someone does. The kids use their cool school handbooks to acquire the dinosaur knowledge they need to safely navigate their way to the off switch. At the end they meet their class pet, Oscar the ostrich, and learn why Dr. Cosmic called him a dinosaur. These kids are sure to be back for another lesson in science. Grades K-3.

Pros: Dinosaur information presented comic-book style with a school full of monsters=a sure-fire hit.

Cons: Still trying to figure out if this book should be shelved with picture books, nonfiction, or graphic novels.

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