Emmanuel’s Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah by Laurie Ann Thompson, illustrated by Sean Qualls

Published by Random House Children’s Books 

Summary: “In this world, we are not perfect. We can only do our best,” says Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah. When Emmanuel was born, his right leg was deformed. Growing up in Ghana, he learned to use his left leg well enough that he could hop the two miles to school, play soccer on crutches, and ride a bike. His mother was his biggest supporter, and when she died, her final words to him were, “Don’t give up.” Emmanuel used these words to inspire himself to pursue his dream…riding a bicycle from one end of Ghana to the other. Wearing a shirt reading “The Pozo” (meaning “the disabled person”), he completed his ride of over 400 miles. He’s continued to raise awareness about the disabled in his country, and was instrumental in the 2006 passage of the Ghanaian Persons With Disabilities Act. Grades 1-6.

Pros: An inspiring read for anyone to pursue their dreams, no matter what the odds.

Cons: Four miles of hopping a day.

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