My Wild Family by Laurent Moreau

Published by Chronicle Books 

Summary:  The narrator compares each member of his/her family to an animal.  “My little brother. Flighty and a dreamer, his head is often in the clouds.  He’s also an excellent singer.”  The illustration shows a bird perched on the back of a desk chair in a classroom full of children.  Mom is a giraffe, tall and beautiful who prefers not to stand out.  Uncle is a bear who devours anything and everything.  The book is oversized, and the pictures are so large, it may take kids a few seconds of hunting to find the animal.  The last page invites readers to think about what makes them special.  Ages 3-5.

Pros:  A good introduction to metaphor.  Kids would have fun coming up with their own comparisons for themselves or friends and family members.

Cons:  The grandparent characterizations were a little stereotypical—the sweet, generous grandmother who likes to stay home and watch TV, and the tired and slow grandfather.

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