Can You Survive an Alien Invasion: An Interactive Doomsday Adventure by Blake Hoena

Published by Capstone Press 

Summary: You’re out in a field looking at Saturn through your telescope when suddenly you spot a UFO. If you decide to investigate, turn to page 12.  Running away? Page 16.  There are 28 choices and 12 different endings in this You Choose adventure.  All the endings are some form of impending doom (I ended up in the aliens’ food pen) or becoming a soldier in the human army fighting off the aliens.  The last few pages look at the possibility of life in outer space; also included are a glossary, sources of additional information, a survival kit checklist, and top 10 survival tips for an alien invasion.  112 pages; ages 8-12.

Pros:  Recommend this to reluctant readers.  If they enjoy it, they may want to move on to the rest of the series, which includes surviving a zombie apocalypse, a virus outbreak, and a global blackout.

Cons:  Each library bound edition retails for a ridiculous $31.32.

One thought on “Can You Survive an Alien Invasion: An Interactive Doomsday Adventure by Blake Hoena

  1. Hi Janet. I’m Mary. I’m a mom of 2 and I follow many blogs that revolve around books. Your blog is one of my personal favorites. I collect books for my children that inspire, share a message and most importantly are enjoyable for them. My little guy loves picture books. We go to Barnes and Noble and spend a fortune, but he’s excited about books, so I’m very lucky. My older one is a little more picky, so it takes a little time to find the right chapter book. I took my youngest to a book signing last Thursday night at Barnes and Noble for a new children’s picture book called “Cooking With Mr. C.” Have you heard of it? I’ve been reading quite a bit about the author (John Contratti) on line and the book sounded inspirational. We had a great time meeting him and the book is very good. I’m always looking for suggestions, so please keep sharing. Many thanks. Mary Goldschein


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