Pugs of the Frozen North by Philip Reeve, illustrated by Sarah McIntyre

Published by Random House 

Summary:  When Shen’s boat crushed by frozen waves in a sudden ice storm, he’s left on his own with part of the ship’s cargo—66 pugs.  They manage to cross the ice to the nearest village, where they meet Sika and her family. Sika tells Shen that it’s True Winter, an event that only happens once in a lifetime.  True Winter means the Snowfather can be reached at the North Pole, and there will be a sled race to get to him.  Whoever gets there first will be granted a wish.  Sika wants to go to see if she can save her dying grandfather; she has a sled, but no dogs.  Turns out sixty six pugs can do the work of a dog sled team, so off they all go, racing against a group of formidable opponents.  Undeterred by yetis, snowbots, and cheating competitors, the kids and their pugs prove that they are contenders.  224 pages; ages 7-10.

Pros: Don’t be put off by the goofy cover; this is a good adventure story with original characters and loveable characters. The humor is accentuated with silly illustrations on every page.

Cons: There’s no getting around it, those pugs are pretty ugly.

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