Waylon! One Awesome Thing by Sara Pennypacker, illustrated by Marla Frazee

Published by Disney Hyperion


Summary: Waylon’s finding fourth grade tough, both at school and at home. In school, Arlo Brody, the kid everyone wants to be like, has decided that the boys should be divided into two teams. Waylon just wants to be friends with all the kids, but Arlo says the teams are at war. A new boy, Baxter, who might be a criminal, seems to want to hang out with Waylon. Meanwhile, Neon (Waylon’s 14-year-old sister formerly known as Charlotte) has taken to wearing all black and locking herself into her room. Waylon’s passion is science, but even his best ideas can’t help him figure out the people around him. When he learns the word isthmus in geography class, he decides that’s what he has to be—the bridge between friends and family members who seem to be living in two different countries. A happy almost-ending is in store for everyone—until the final end raises a big question that will surely need a sequel to resolve. 208 pages; grades 1-4.

Pros: Clementine’s classmate gets a story of his own, with the Sara Pennypacker-Marla Frazee team produces a book every bit as winning as their first series.

Cons: See pages 12 and 13 for some pretty egregious typos.

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