Otters Love to Play by Jonathan London, illustrated by Meilo So

 Published by Candlewick 

Summary: Did you know otters often take over dens left behind by beavers, muskrats, or woodchucks? That’s the first of many facts you’ll learn in this information-packed book that follows a year in the life of an otter mother and her two offspring. As the babies grow, they learn the playful moves that characterize otters, moves that are useful for hunting and self-defense. By the end of the year, the babies have reached their full size, but continue to enjoy sliding and playing in the spring mud. Includes an index and a page of additional information about otters. 32 pages; grades K-3.

Pros: The text has both large and small fonts, so the book can be read as a quick read-aloud, or used for more in-depth research. The illustrations capture the happy, playful otter spirit.

Cons: How could I possibly say anything bad about otters?

3 thoughts on “Otters Love to Play by Jonathan London, illustrated by Meilo So

  1. Just read & loved this one, Janet. I adore otters, and Meilo So’s art is gorgeous and as playful as the otters themselves :).

    One stopped by for a one day visit to the man-made pond last fall in front of my husband’s place of work in Virginia. I’m hoping it will come by again!


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