Ideas Are All Around by Philip C. Stead

Published by Roaring Brook Press 

Summary:  The narrator has to write a story, but he has no ideas.  So he decides to take his dog, Wednesday, for a walk.  Along the way, they see flowers, a turtle, people, trains, and clouds.  The narrator thinks about where the people on the trains might be going and how it might be to write his story on his old typewriter back at home.  He talks to a woman who used to rent a room to him, and remembers when he spilled blue paint on her sidewalk.  He stops to have coffee with her, and when he tells her his problem, she replies that ideas are all around.  Finally, he goes home and starts typing on the old typewriter.  48 pages; grades K-5.

Pros:  Read this to get creative juices flowing.  The stream of consciousness writing and somewhat abstract prints, interspersed with photos, will inspire readers to look around them for ideas.  It would be an excellent springboard to taking a walk and focusing on observation skills.

Cons:  Kids might find this a little dull as a story; it really is more of a tool for creativity.

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