Brave Like Me by Barbara Kerley

Published by National Geographic Society 

Summary:  What’s it like when your mom or dad has to go overseas to do their job?  Through text and photos, this book explores kids’ feelings and day-to-day lives when their parents are deployed to another country.  The book opens with kids playing with their parents, then sending them off.  There are pictures of children and parents going through their days when they are separated.  The last two pages show the happy hugs of returning soldiers reuniting with their kids.  Back matter includes a map showing where all the photos in the book take place; and information on dealing with separation, who serves overseas from the United States, quotes on being brave, a note for caregivers, and additional resources.  48 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  This would be an extremely helpful book for kids whose parents are traveling abroad in any capacity.  The large clear photos and simple text focus more on the kids’ day-to-day lives and their feelings about separation than on the activities their parents are engaged in.

Cons:  Although many overseas workers are mentioned in the section at the end, the photos included are only of military personnel.

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