Douglas, You Need Glasses! by Ged Adamson

Published by Schwartz & Wade Books 

Summary:  Poor Douglas.  When he and Nancy, his owner, are chasing squirrels, Douglas ends up chasing a leaf instead.  He blissfully ignores signs like “Wet Cement” and “No Dogs” at the skateboard park.  He’s even gone into the wrong house.  But when he mistakes a beehive for a ball during a game of fetch, it’s the last straw for Nancy.  She hustles him off to the eye doctor, where he fails the eye test and gets a prescription for glasses.  After enthusiastically trying many different frames, Douglas is all set with his new specs.  Like anyone who has experienced glasses for the first time, Douglas is amazed by all that he’s been missing.  The last two-page spread shows photos of real kids with glasses, and invites readers to post their own photos at #douglasyouneedglasses.

Pros:  A fast and funny read that would be perfect for anyone who’s been having a little trouble seeing the board.

Cons:  Douglas’s nearsighted foray into the wrong house hit a little too close to home for this nearsighted reader who once wandered into the wrong hotel room in France while not wearing her glasses.

One thought on “Douglas, You Need Glasses! by Ged Adamson

  1. I love the topic for this book, along with the wonderful illustrations. As a very nearsighted child way back when, I can relate. Knowing you need glasses is definately not immediately visible! To anyone!


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