Lucy Tries Soccer by Lisa Bowes, illustrated by James Hearne

Published by Orca Book Publishers

Summary:  Lucy is excited to be playing three-on-three soccer for the first time.  After warming up with some drills, it’s blue versus red as the teams try out the skills they’ve just learned.  Everyone on the team gets a chance to play, so Lucy is called to the sidelines after a few minutes, but her coach praises her for listening and learning.  She watches and cheers as one of her teammates makes a goal.  The two teams line up for some handshaking and congratulations when the game is over.  The last page includes a few fast facts about soccer.  32 pages; ages 3-7.

Pros:  A good introduction for first-time soccer players to get a feel for what to expect at their first practice.  The simple story is told in rhyming text with cute illustrations.  This is part of a series written by a sports reporter…Lucy has also tried luge and short-track speed skating.

Cons:  As a former soccer mom, I feel I can confidently assert that most kids won’t pick up skills as quickly as Lucy and her friends seem to.


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