Brute-Cake (The Binder of Doom book 1) by Troy Cummings

Published by Scholastic

Image result for binder of doom brute cake

Summary:  Alexander Bopp, hero of The Notebook of Doom series, is feeling at loose ends as summer begins.  The Super Secret Monster Patrol (S.S.M.P.) has succeeded in clearing the monsters out of Stermont, and consequently, Alexander and his pals Rip and Nikki have drifted apart.  But when his dad signs him up for the Stermont Summer Maker Program (hey, that’s also S.S.M.P.!), he runs into Nikki again. Mysterious monster cards start appearing, and Alexander begins to suspect that a monster or two may have crept back into town.  Nikki and Alexander find Rip; they use their free binders from the new club to get organized; and just like that, the original S.S.M.P. is back in business. Includes a page of questions and activities. 96 pages; grades 1-3.

Pros:  Second and third graders everywhere will rejoice that the Notebook of Doom team is back for another series.

Cons:  Personally, one of these books was enough for me, but there are those who have read (and loved) all 13 of the original series.

If you would like to buy this book on Amazon, click here.


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