The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh by  Supriya Kelkar, illustrated by Alea Marley

Published by Sterling Children’s Books

Image result for many colors of harpreet

Image result for many colors of harpreet

Summary:  Harpreet loves to dress according to his moods: yellow when he feels sunny, pink when he wants to celebrate, and red when he needs extra courage.  His head covering, called a patka, is always part of his carefully coordinated outfit. When his family moves across the country, Harpreet finds himself nervously wearing blue, sadly wearing gray, and shyly sporting white.  White becomes his go-to choice as he attempts to fade into the background of his new school. But when a chance encounter involving headgear leads to a new friendship, Harpreet happily begins to wear the colors of the rainbow once again.  Includes a note about Sikhism from Sikh scholar and professor Simran Jeet Singh. 32 pages; ages 3-8.

Pros:  A touching friendship story that most kids will connect with, while at the same time learning about a culture that may be unfamiliar to them.

Cons:  Harpreet’s pallette seemed a little limited, leading me to wonder where green, purple, orange, black, and brown fit in.

If you would like to buy this book on Amazon, click here.

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