Little Libraries, Big Heroes by Miranda Paul, illustrated by John Parra

Published by Clarion Books

Image result for little libraries big heroes

Image result for little libraries big heroes

Summary:  Even when Todd struggled in school, his mom told him he could be whatever he wanted to be.  After she died, he remembered her teaching neighborhood kids to read and decided to build a box shaped like a small schoolhouse and fill it with books.  His neighbors noticed it during a yard sale, and their enthusiasm inspired Todd to build more boxes. When sales remained flat, Todd and his friend Rick traveled around the midwest, planting boxes in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.  Their efforts made the news, and little libraries became a big thing. There are now libraries all over the U.S. and around the world. Todd was a hero, the people who were inspired by his idea are heroes, and maybe one day you will start a little library and be a hero too.  Includes an author’s note and additional sources of information. 40 pages; grades 1-4.

Pros:  I always enjoy Miranda Paul’s inspiring nonfiction picture books, and I like how this one emphasizes that even ordinary people can become heroes.  Readers will come away with an idea of something they can do today to help others.

Cons:  You’d think I would be all over the little library idea, but somehow it has never really grabbed me.  Guess I just prefer big libraries.

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2 thoughts on “Little Libraries, Big Heroes by Miranda Paul, illustrated by John Parra

  1. Thank you for this review, Janet. Two of my grandsons will definitely make a connection with this story. They have a little library a few blocks from their house and enjoy checking it out to see if there are any @new” books and also to donate ones they are done with. Just another way to enjoy and appreciate books. 👍
    Love your blog


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