Bright Dreams: The Brilliant Ideas of Nikola Tesla by Tracy Dockray

Published by Capstone Editions (released August 1)

Bright Dreams: The Brilliant Ideas of Nikola Tesla by Tracy ...

Bright Dreams: The Brilliant Ideas of Nikola Tesla by Tracy ...

Summary:  Growing up in the 19th-century Austrian empire, Nikola Tesla was fascinated by electricity and dreamed of studying engineering.  Although his father wanted him to become a priest, Nikola eventually got his way.  He was so focused on his questions about electricity, though, that he flunked out of engineering school.  Tesla eventually emigrated to America, where he worked with both Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to develop his ideas about AC (alternating current) electricity.  In spite of his brilliance, Nikola lacked the social and business skills to make his inventions a success, and died a poor man at the age of 86.  His life and ideas have experienced a revival in recent years, including the naming of the Tesla car.  Includes a timeline, bibliography, and additional sources of information.  32 pages; grades 2-5.

Pros:  This is a good introduction to Nikola Tesla’s life, and would serve as a good starting point for research for elementary kids.  Plenty of sidebars help explain some of the more technical aspects of Tesla’s work.  

Cons:  Thomas Edison sounds like a pretty terrible person.

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