Facing Fear: An Immigration Story by Karen Lynn Williams, illustrated by Sara Palacios

Published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

Facing Fear: Williams, Karen Lynn, Palacios, Sara: 9780802854902:  Amazon.com: Books
Interview with Children's Book Illustrator Sara Palacios – Eerdlings

Summary:  Enrique is excited when his soccer team makes it to the tournament, then disappointed when his dad says he can’t go.  The team will have to pass through a checkpoint, and Enrique’s parents and older sister are undocumented.  Enrique thinks his dad is just scared, and decides to forge his signature on the permission slip.  Before he gets a chance to turn it in, though, there’s a rumor of a round-up, and the family goes to his Tía’s house to hide. There, for the first time, Enrique hears the full story of his family’s escape to the U.S., and decides his parents are both very brave.  After telling his team he’s decided not to play, they show up at his house to tell him they’re not going either, and everyone makes plans for a father-son game the next day.  Includes an author’s note; additional information on immigration and checkpoints; a list of organizations assisting and advocating for immigrant families; and a list of recommended reading.  44 pages; grades K-4.

Pros:  A compelling story about a boy forced to make a difficult decision that brings to light many of the issues faced by undocumented families.  The resources at the end provide excellent additional information.

Cons:  The story felt a bit didactic.

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