A New Day by Brad Meltzer, illustrated by Dan Santat

Published by Dial Books

Amazon.com: A New Day (9780525554240): Meltzer, Brad, Santat, Dan: Books
Amazon.com: A New Day (9780525554240): Meltzer, Brad, Santat, Dan: Books

Summary:  When Sunday quits, saying she is tired of being a day, the other days of the week have to scramble to fill her place.  They get all kinds of applicants: FunDay, RunDay, Caterday, and many, many more.  Finally, a young girl shows up with a seedling in a flower pot.  Monday guesses that she wants to apply for Eggplant Day or Cabbage Day, but the girl says no.  She has grown a plant to say thank you to Sunday for being such a nice day.  Sunday, suddenly not tired anymore, agrees to go back to her old job, and the other days try to play and appreciate each other more…every day of the week.  48 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  With lots of zany visual humor and the possibility for kids to create their own days, this is sure to be a big hit with kids and teachers alike.

Cons:  I wish the editor had worked a little harder to keep this book to 32 pages.  The multiple suggestions for new days of the week felt a bit long.

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