What the Kite Saw by Anne Laurel Carter, illustrated by Akin Duzakin

Published by Groundwood Books

What the Kite Saw - Kindle edition by Carter, Anne Laurel, Duzakin, Akin.  Children Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.
What the Kite Saw: Carter, Anne Laurel, Duzakin, Akin: 9781773062433: Amazon.com:  Books

Summary:  When the narrator’s town is occupied, his brother and father are taken away, and a curfew is imposed each night.  He witnesses tanks rolling down his street and soldiers shooting at someone who breaks curfew.  He and his friends can gather in the park for an hour each day.  One day, he gets an idea that he shares with his friends.  Back home, he makes a star-shaped kite, and that night, he flies it from his rooftop.  Soon other kites are flying in the sky.  But not for long: soldiers fire on the kites and shoot them down.  That night the boy tells his mother and sister a story about what the kite saw as it flew high above their city.  Includes a two-sentence author’s note stating that the story was inspired by Palestinian children but could take place any place that children love to fly kites and are threatened by war.  32 pages; grades 2-5.

Pros:  A timely story of hope during a grim time.  The drab illustrations through most of the story contrast with the colorful ones when the boy and his friends gather in the park and fly their kites.  This could lead to some thoughtful discussions with upper elementary and middle school kids.

Cons:  Most recommendations I saw started at ages 4 and 5.  I’d be hesitant to put it in the picture book collection for preschool and primary ages.

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