I Am the Shark by Joan Holub, illustrated by Laurie Keller

Published by Crown Books for Young Readers

I Am the Shark: Holub, Joan, Keller, Laurie: 9780525645283: Amazon.com:  Books
I Am the Shark: Holub, Joan, Keller, Laurie: 9780525645283: Amazon.com:  Books

Summary:  A great white shark makes the case that he is the greatest.  Or is he?  Turns out, there are other sharks that are bigger, smaller, faster, and every other superlative he tries to be.  By the end, he’s ready to change his name to the just-okay white shark or the not-so-great white shark.  But then a little fish comes along and tells him there’s always going to be someone who is bigger, faster, smarter, or whatever than you are, and it’s best being happy to be you.  That makes the great white happy, and he concludes by flashing his 300-tooth-grin…the greatest smile in the book.  Includes thumbnails of all sharks mentioned with additional information and “More Books to Sink Your Teeth Into”.  48 pages; ages 4-9.

Pros:  It’s a no-brainer that any book featuring sharks is going to be hugely popular, and the funny premise of this one, combined with Laurie Keller’s humorous illustrations will only add to that.  Don’t be misled by all the jokester sharks, though…there is also plenty of information to fill your hammerhead shark-size-brain.

Cons:  I thought the pages with a labelled diagram of the great white shark and the shark facts in the middle of the book kind of interrupted the story; they seemed more like back matter.

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