What Are Your Words? A Book About Pronouns by Katherine Locke, illustrated by Anne Passchier

Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

What Are Your Words?: A Book About Pronouns: Locke, Katherine, Passchier,  Anne: 9780316542067: Amazon.com: Books
Andy Passchier Illustrates Children's Book 'What Are Your Words?' | Arts &  Culture | Ideastream Public Media

Summary:  Ari is excited that Uncle Lior is coming for a visit.  Uncle Lior uses they/them pronouns, and they always ask Ari, “What are your words?”  Usually Ari knows right away; it may be “Happy! Creative! Funny! He/him” or “Thoughtful! Athletic! Silly! She/her.”  Today, though, nothing quite seems to fit.  Ari worries about it as the day progresses, with more introductions (including pronouns) around the neighborhood, finishing up with a barbecue and fireworks.  As the first ones burst across the sky, Ari suddenly discovers the words for today: “Impatient! Excited! Colorful! They/them.”  Uncle Lior tells them, “That’s definitely you, Ari.”  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  This book will be a valuable resource to anyone working with transgender, nonbinary, or gender fluid kids and will help others to understand the importance of pronouns.  The illustrations are cheerful and colorful; I especially liked the endpapers that showed a variety of people and pronouns.

Cons:  The story was definitely secondary to the lessons being taught.

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