It Fell from the Sky by the Fan Brothers

Published by Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers

It Fell from the Sky: Fan, Terry, Fan, Eric, Fan, Terry, Fan, Eric:  9781534457621: Books
It Fell from the Sky: Fan, Terry, Fan, Eric, Fan, Terry, Fan, Eric:  9781534457621: Books

Summary:  When a marble falls from the sky, the insects are amazed.  They spend the day speculating on what this marvelous object might be.  The next morning, they discover that the thing is caught in Spider’s web.  Spider claims it now belongs to him, and no one can remember whether or not the web was there before.  Soon, Spider has created WonderVille, a place to come see the amazing object that fell from the sky.  Spider gets wealthier, but also greedier, and eventually animals stop coming.  Then the worst happens: a hand reaches down from space and grabs the marble.  But Spider has a plan: after building another web, he patiently waits for other objects to fall into it.  His persistence pays off, and soon WonderVille is launched again, this time freely available to all.  56 pages; ages 4-9.

Pros:  The Fan Brothers have done it again, creating amazing illustrations that seem to pop off the page.  Their use of color helps tell the story: most of it is in black, gray, and white, with only the marble and the leaves Spider collects in color.  The last few pages, when everyone can enjoy Spider’s wonders, are in full color.

Cons:  Most of the insects were male; Luna Moth was the only one referred to as “she”, Her reaction to the marble was to try to keep it warm and hatch it, which seemed a little stereotypical.

One thought on “It Fell from the Sky by the Fan Brothers

  1. did you ever see ‘The gods must be crazy’ – an old film set in the Kalahari where the life of a small Bushmen community is disrupted when a Coke bottle is dropped out of a small plane? Very much the same story, and lovely to watch!


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