Circle Under Berry by Carter Higgins

Published by Chronicle Books Circle Under Berry: 9781797205083: Higgins, Carter: Books Circle Under Berry: 9781797205083: Higgins, Carter: Books

Summary:  Nine shapes of different colors are introduced on the front endpapers; nine animals created from those shapes appear on the back ones.  These 18 objects are used to demonstrate prepositions and the concepts they denote.  The yellow circle is under the red berry on one page; the berry is under a green square on the next.  Sometimes an object is referred to by its shape, sometimes by its color, and sometimes by its animal name.  The concepts of right and left, here and there, and up and down are all introduced as well.  The last pages circle back to the first with the circle under the berry and the berry over the square.  52 pages; ages 3-6.

Pros:  A concept book featuring collage art on the white backgrounds brings to mind Eric Carle, and this book will surely appeal to a similar audience.  It has board book covers with paper pages, making it a good early book for young children.  Kids will love the animals and identifying shapes and colors.

Cons: 52 pages felt a little long for preschoolers.

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