Four Eyes by Rex Ogle, illustrated by Dave Valeza

Published by Graphix

Summary:  Rex’s transition to middle school is a rough one, with his best friend Drew abandoning him for the popular kids and his blurry vision giving him daily headaches and making school work tough.  He finally admits to his mom what’s going on, and the diagnosis that he needs glasses is a blow to both of them.  Rex worries (correctly) that the bullying at school will get worse, while his mom and stepdad can’t afford new glasses and are forced to call Rex’s real dad, who’s something of a bully himself.  As the year goes on, though, Rex makes a new friend who teaches him how to stand up for himself.  Sixth grade ends on a positive note, with the promise of a seventh grade sequel.  224 pages; grades 4-7.

Pros:  The multitude of middle school graphic novel fans will enjoy this new entry that perfectly captures the angst of both family and friend relationships.  Nice to see a boy main character in this type of book.

Cons:  Having read Rex Ogle’s Free Lunch, I know that his family life was much more troubling than what is portrayed here.

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