A Space for Me by Cathryn Falwell

Published by Lee & Low Books

A Space for Me by Cathryn Falwell | Lee & Low Books

Summary:  It’s not fair.  The narrator has to share a room with his younger brother Lucas, even though his older sister Emma gets her own room.  He tries the time-tested method of drawing a line down the middle  of the room, but Lucas isn’t too good about following the rules on that.  One day the younger boy knocks down a tower, spills the crayon box, breaks a favorite dragon, and tosses puzzle pieces into the air.  His older brother has had it, and goes in search of his own space.  He finds a place in the backyard, and Emma helps him set up a space.  For a while, all is well, but one day he sees Lucas watching him sadly through the window.  Turns out Lucas is lonely having the room all to himself.  His brother helps him set up his own space in the backyard, and they enjoy hanging out separately sometimes and playing together other times.  32 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  Anyone who has had a sibling or shared a room will understand the love/hate relationship perfectly portrayed in this simple story.  

Cons:  The separate-spaces-in-the-backyard solution seems pretty weather dependent.

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